UK & IE Shipping Rates

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there may be some unavoidable delays to deliveries.  Due to Brexit pallets and parcels to the UK now need to clear customs.  This is causing some initial backlog while new systems and requirements are being worked out.  We are doing our utmost to meet our delivery estimates but please allow an extra 3-4 days for your order to be received.  Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

IRELAND SHIPPING RATES – 1 / 3 DAY. (Please Note: Rates in Euro excluding VAT)

Parcel Pallet or Parcel Size Irish Shipping Zones
Zone A Zone B
0 to 21kgs €10 €10
Pallet Half Pallets 0 - 250kg €35 €45
Full Pallets 250 - 1200kg €40 €50
Ireland Zone Definition
Zone A Dublin
Zone B Antrim, Armagh, Carlow, Cavan, Derry, Down, Fermanagh, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Leitrim, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Roscommon, Tipperary, Wicklow, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford, Tyrone, Clare, Cork, Galway, Donegal, Kerry, Mayo, Sligo


EXPORTS FROM IRELAND TO UK – 7 / 10 DAY. (Please Note: Rates in Euro excluding VAT)


Pallet or Parcel Size UK Export Zones
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9 Zone 10 Zone 11 Zone 12 Zone 13 Zone 14
0 to 4.2 kgs (sample tiles) €10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 10.44 €10.44 €10.44 €10.44
4.2 to 20 kgs €13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 13.70 €13.70 €13.70 €13.70
20 to 40 kgs €25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 25.90 €25.90 €25.90 €25.90
40 to 60 kgs €38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 38.10 €38.10 €38.10 €38.10
Half Pallets 0 - 250kg €68 €68 €73 €73 €83 €88 €93 €93 €81 €98 €93 €105 €115 N/A
Full Pallets 250 - 1200kg €78 €80 €85 €89 €103 €93 €108 €98 €91 €108 €113 €105 €125 POA

  * Please note: there is a €19.05 customs charge per consignment for parcels to the Channel Islands

UK Zone Definition
Zone 1 B1-B99, CV1-CV99, DY1-DY99, LE1-LE99, LN14-LN99, NN1-NN99, WS1-WS99, WV1-WV99
Zone 2 AL1-AL99, BL1-BL99, CW1-CW99, DE1-DE99, DN1-DN99, GL1-GL99, HP1-HP99, L1-L99, LU1-LU99, M1-M99, MK1-MK99, NG1-NG99, OL1-OL99, OX1-OX99, S1-S99, SG1-SG99, SK1-SK99, SL1-SL99, ST1-ST99, TF1-TF99, WA1-WA99, WD1-WD99, WN1-WN99, WR1-WR99
Zone 3 BA1-BA99, BB1-BB99, BD1-BD99, BR1-BR99, BS1-BS99, CB1-CB99, CF1-CF99, CH1-CH99, CM1-CM99, CO1-CO99, CR1-CR99, DA1-DA99, E4, EN1-EN99, FY1-FY99, GU1-GU99, HA1-HA99, HD1-HD99, HX1-HX99, IG1-IG99, KT1-KT99, LA1-LA8, LA10, LA11, LA13, LA16, LA17, LA21-LA23, LN1-LN3, LN5, LN6, LS1-LS99, N3, N6, N9, N11-N14, N20, N21, N23-N99, NP1-NP99, NW4, NW7, NW9, NW11-NW99, PE1-PE21, PE26-PE38, PR1-PR99, RG1-RG99, RM1-RM99, SE2, SE6, SE9, SE12, SE17-SE20, SE25-SE99, SM1-SM99, SN1-SN99, SS1-SS99, SW12, SW14, SW16, SW17, SW19-SW99, TW1-TW99, UB1-UB99, W5, W7, W13, W15-W99, WF1-WF99
Zone 4 BH1-BH99, BN1-BN99, CT1-CT99, DH1-DH99, DL1-DL99, HG1-HG99, HR1-HR99, HU1-HU99, IP1-IP99, LL11-LL34, LN4, LN7-LN13, ME1-ME99, NE1-NE99, NR1-NR99, PE22-PE25, PO1-PO22, RH1-RH99, SA1-SA13, SO1-SO99, SP1-SP99, SR1-SR99, TN1-TN99, TS1-TS99, YO1-YO99
Zone 5 DT1-DT99, EX1-EX99, LA9, LA12, LA14, LA15, LA18-LA20, TA1-TA99, TQ1-TQ99
Zone 6 E1-E3, E5-E99, N1, N2, N4, N5, N7, N8, N10, N15-19, N22, NW1-NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8, NW10, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE7, SE8, SE10, SE13-SE16, SE21-SE24, SW2, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW9, SW11, SW13, SW15, SW18, W3, W4, W6, W9, W12
Zone 7 CA1-CA99, LD1-LD99, PL1-PL99, SY1-SY99
Zone 8 SW3, SW5, SW7, SW10, W2, W8, W10, W11, W14
Zone 9 EH1-EH99, FK1-FK99, G1-G99, KA1-KA4, KA8-KA18, KA20-KA25, KA29, KA30, KY1-KY99, ML1-ML99, PA1-PA19
Zone 10 DG1-DG99, LL35-LL78, SA14-SA73, SA99, TD1-TD99
Zone 11 TR1-TR20, TR26-TR99
Zone 12 EC1-EC4, SE1, SE11, SW1, W1, WC1-WC99
Zone 13 AB10-AB16, AB21-AB25, DD1-DD99, KA5-KA7, KA19, KA26, KA31-KA99, PH1, PH2
Zone 14 AB1-AB9, AB17-AB20, AB26-AB99, IV1-IV99, PH3-PH41, PH45-PH99, PO30-PO41, IM1-IM9, IM99, GY1-GY99, JE1-99, HS1-HS9, KA27, KA28, KW1-KW99, PA20-PA49, PA60-PA80, PH42-PH44, TR21-TR25, ZE1-ZE99


Delivery of tiles to inside houses or commercial premises will not be the delivery drivers responsibility. Strictly speaking delivery is to the kerbside. Please ensure you have someone capable of receiving the delivery. For small orders the driver will usually help ( if you speak nicely to him/her )

Best Tile Online Store

Best Tile online store has been established to bring genuine Moroccan tiles to the forefront of interior design. The tiles from Morocco Spain and France are well known not only for their simplicity but their versatility and flair for colour. Why not visit the largest tile showroom in the Southeast of Ireland. We’ve got the biggest range of tiles and accessories available at the lowest prices.
Moroccan Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles have been used throughout the Islamic world for thousands of years in Morocco, France & Spain. Each tile is traditionally handcrafted by artisans using local materials. Moroccan Type Glazed Tiles This is a truly stunning range of tiles that will add real atmosphere wherever it is used.
Tiles in this range use traditional Mediterranean and Arabesque designs.
Zellige Tiles are a handmade natural clay tile, glazed in a huge variation of vibrant colours. Each tile has a unique, irregular finish, which will add charm and charisma to any interior design.


Metro Subway Tiles reflecting the splendour of Valencian tiles, some reflect ceramic tradition, carefully redesigned for contemporary decor. In design they have enjoyed the collaboration of prestigious designers. Victorian Type Tiles 10cm x10cm Wall and Floor Tiles. Reflecting the splendour of Victorian Type Tiles, carefully redesigned for contemporary decor. Victorian tiles collection captures the exquisite styling of the period. Handmade Terracotta Tiles are a classic floor covering timeless and not subject to the whims of current fashions. Terracotta, perfect traditional settings, with a character achievable with handmade tiles.
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